High Quality With Passion

Hej, i´m Hannah.

2021 did i make the decision to move to north sweden because i found my dreamhouse there. The nature and loneliness was an aspect, too.

After i had over 12 years my own fashion label in germany, called "NekoNeko Streetwear" (look at all old collections by clicking here) i decided to go on in sweden. I felt it was time for a new name, so Träsk was funny and has a good flow i thought. 

I love experimenting with different colors and arts of fabrics. The clothes should be comfort, special and in good quality. 

Now with the bit rougher weather than in south germany i love to take wool materials and wanna start with some outdoor-streetwear mix. 

With träsk you get the combination of 12 years experience in the production of sportive streetwear and a passion for handcraft & unique styles.